Curriculum Vitae

Seasoned in AI, Design, and Development leadership, I drive innovation through emerging technology integration. With a track record of significantly enhancing business value, from Small Business Owner to Director of Design at a prominent FinTech, I excel in AI, Design, Branding, Web, Social, Messaging, and beyond. Over two decades, I consistently delivered impactful results.

  • Innovative Leadership
  • Team Morale Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Design Thinking
  • UI/UX Quality
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Vendor Management
  • Budget Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Automation
  • Increase Speed to Market

AVP of Brand and Emerging AI
AI-Now – New York, NY / 2022–Present
Responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s
emerging AI and brand strategy. This includes identifying and evaluating new
AI technologies, developing and implementing AI-powered solutions for business
problems, and building and managing the company’s brand reputation
in the AI space.
• Develop and execute the company’s emerging AI and brand strategy
• Identify and evaluate new AI technologies
• Develop and implement AI-powered solutions to business problems
• Build and manage the company’s brand reputation in the AI space
• Lead a team of emerging AI and brand experts
• Collaborate with other departments to ensure that the company’s AI and
brand strategies are aligned with overall business goals
• Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in AI and brand marketing
• Represent the company at industry events and conference

Director, Interactive Messaging Design, Development and Innovation
Capital One – Richmond, VA / 2018–2023

  • Lead the Enterprise Messaging Design Team supporting 17 lines of business, overseeing 80 Designer/Developers and Writers engaged in enterprise campaigns and special projects, including Email, SMS, Push, and “One Click” Landing Pages
  • Successfully managed a $12M budget, consistently coming in under budget each year
  • Mentor and manage a diverse team, fostering career growth and achieving business objectives
  • Pioneered the adoption of new email capabilities, such as Device Detection and personalized dynamic content, while negotiating vendor costs resulting in substantial savings
  • Introduced responsive templates, enhancing user experience for Capital One’s customers.
  • Implemented process improvements and quality checks, significantly reducing cycle-time and errors
  • Established Enterprise Messaging Design standards, ensuring a consistent, positive user experience
  • Developed code snippets for email, ensuring optimal rendering across 70+ email clients, browsers, and devices
  • Established centralized governance for outgoing messages, guaranteeing design, email, brand, and ADA compliance
  • Devised a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging plan, cultivating an inclusive work environment and strengthening the design culture

Prior roles at Capital One include:

  • Senior Manager 2015–2018
  • Managing Creative Director 2014-2015
  • Creative Director 2010–2014

Owner/Creative Director
Talking Visually Studios – Richmond, VA / 2006–2012

  • Owned and operated an independent design studio, overseeing a team of six designers, copywriters, and sales representatives
  • Developed and maintained websites for local businesses
  • Designed and published an LGBTQ+ print magazine and website
  • Created digital promotional materials and animations for Rolling Stone Magazine and People Magazine
  • Implemented standard operating procedures and process improvements, optimizing team productivity

Chrysler Museum of Art – Norfolk, VA / 2009–2010

  • Managed the Digital Team’s day-to-day operations, developing innovative interactive solutions for the museum
  • Redesigned, recoded, and maintained the website with a focus on SEO and ADA compliance
  • Designed and developed all digital newsletters and emails, resulting in a 30% increase in email sign-ups
  • Developed interactive touchscreens and maps providing additional information on the art and enhance visitor engagement
  • Ran social networks and onboarded vendors for backend database connections

Web Designer/Developer
Human Rights Campaign, Washington, DC / 2005–2006

  • Redesigned and maintained HRC’s website
  • Developing animations, games and slideshows
  • Designed and developed emails
  • Managed two junior designers

Wild River Outfitters, Virginia Beach, VA / 2001–2006

  • Independently managed the company’s website and marketing campaigns
  • Redesigned and recoded the website with a focus on SEO and ADA compliance
  • Created marketing materials, including digital newsletters, advertisements, and postcards